Scrum Maister

AI-powered assistant for modern teams on a mission to get work flowing!

Ready for production in Jira Cloud in less than 5 minutes, you can cancel any time!

Break down work with intelligent rules and automation

Each issue is analyzed by our algorithms that suggest improvements to increase issue quality and make it easier for others to work with it.

Spot blockers and road bumps in work early on and fix what's wrong

Scrum Maister follows issue progression, spots scope creep, external dependencies, lack of communication, negative discussions, and other issues!

Superpower your retrospectives with AI-generated recommendations

Scrum Maister understands struggles in daily work, sprint to sprint. It uses them to generate unique recommendations aimed at making things better.

Simple pricing, no hidden charges

Monthly subscription

Includes all features

  • Intelligent recommendations

  • Ongoing work analytics and blocker spotting

  • Automated retrospectives

  • Powerful customization of checks and rules

$0.9 / user or less!

Purchased via Atlassian Marketplace

Awards and testimonials

Scrum Maister won Codegeist 2020, Atlassian app competition.

Frequently asked questions

How Scrum Maister can help our organization?

Scrum Maister integrates directly into Jira and takes care of Scrum and Agile routines, improves issue quality, sprint progress, and retrospective discussions. It can be used by all teams, no matter methodology or work type - from UI to SRE!

We already have Scrum master in the team, do we need the app?

Scrum Maister app is designed to spot patterns, analyze sprint trajectory, and perform advanced checks on issues. It does not lock your teams into SCRUM - instead it helps get the work flowing, for anyone working in any field, using Jira.

How does Scrum Maister operate?

The app is designed and works entirely from within a Jira instance. It is not an add-on but rather a fully functional app. It utilizes the next-generation Atlassian applications platform Forge, which is built to provide a secure and flexible base for the most innovative applications. Importantly, your data stays yours and does not leave the Atlassian ecosystem.